Signs You Need Stucco Repair Services

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, contact Madani Group immediately. We will be able to investigate the state of the stucco on your home, decide if any fixes are needed, and make any necessary repairs. When checking for any damages, make sure to pay close attention to the edges of your windows and doors. 
  • Is the cracking or holes in your stucco?
  • Is there dry or missing caulking around windows and doors?
  • Is the connection between stucco and other siding materials sealed properly?
  • Is your stucco turning black or discolored? 
  • Does your stucco have bubbling at the bottom of the wall?
EIFS/Stucco Repair
Stucco surface repair may involve several measures to ensure your house is correctly protected from future moisture and is code-compliant.

Madani Group has several years of expertise in removing damaged stucco and crafting a sealed substrate which keeps water from reaching lower level stuccoed spaces.

We’ll ensure that the right gap is sustained between the stucco and finished grade and follow the suggested EIMA guidelines.

A warranty may be issued at the finish of the job, providing our clients the peace of mind in knowing that their house has been well protected from water damage in the future.
Madani Group may offer you a free quote to fix your stucco. Whether you are a general contractor, realtor, homeowner or a management company that wants to sell or buy a property, we can get the project accomplished correctly the first time at an affordable price.

Most of our realtor clientele rely upon us as they require a cost estimate on a Winnipeg stucco repair with only a single day until their option period expires. We’ll work late into the evening to ensure that their estimate is in their inbox by morning.

One of many criteria which difference us from additional Winnipeg stucco repair companies is that we’re a business you may trust, and we have the track record of satisfied customers to prove it.

If you don’t have a stucco inspection report, we’re able to help you find a company which can give a full stucco inspection report.
Madani Group has the experience to do the following repairs and much more:
  • Leaking rooftop terrace
  • Leaking balconies
  • Stucco repainting
  • EIFS replacement
  • Replacement of structural framing members
  • Replacement of structural beams
  • Cosmetic stucco cracks
  • Install concrete footings on columns that don’t have enough clearance
  • Install kick-out flashings
  • Stucco waterproofing
  • Caulk all doors, windows, and utility breeches with a polyurethane sealant
  • Structural wood rot and moisture intrusion behind the stucco

Madani Group paints and repairs stucco using 100 percent Elastomeric coating. We utilize the most recent products and tools and provide a warranty on all paintings and repairs.

The Madani Group fixes water damaged stucco, stucco cracks, EIFS stucco, stucco substrate replacement, stucco painting and much more. We utilize elastomeric coating, as well as Fiberglass masonry for the firmest available stucco repair and paint job.

For more information on our Stucco Repairs call Madani Group today at (204) 417-1668!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know If I need stucco repair How do I know If I need stucco repair

Stucco is an extremely durable surface, but it can still develop cracks, holes, and other damages over time. If you see any sort of damage like cracks or holes, this is a sign you should get your stucco repaired. Leaving them can cause further deterioration and internal damage if not sealed properly. Getting this seal done right the first time around is why you should call Madani Group. We will be able to properly do your exterior stucco repairs so it’s protected from the elements.

How do you repair exterior stucco? How do you repair exterior stucco?

Stucco can technically be repaired on your own, but it can be difficult to get an exact match and keep the look consistent across your property. Also, it can be difficult to seal the cracks properly from rain and moisture when done by yourself. If you hire professionals at Madani Group, we can ensure the results are perfect. Contact Madani Group today to get your exterior stucco repaired as soon as possible.

Should I colour match my exterior stucco repairs? Should I colour match my exterior stucco repairs?

Absolutely! When doing stucco repairs, Madani Group makes sure to match the existing stucco design. The process includes color matching your current stucco shade so there’s a seamless patch. This step is super important even if you may have the same stucco materials as your original exterior. Over the years of wear and tear, the colour of your stucco can change slightly and will cause the patches to stand out.

When should I get my stucco repaired? When should I get my stucco repaired?

It’s extremely important to call a professional and have any cracks or damages in your stucco repaired immediately. While the cracks and holes may seem minor in appearance, if water or moisture gets through, it can lead to further damage, mold, rotting, or structural problems that can be costly to repair in the future.

Will stucco repairs last? Will stucco repairs last?

If done professionally, absolutely! At Madani Group, we use 100 percent Elastomeric coating to ensure your stucco is sealed with a material that is up to 10 times thicker than paint. This keeps the freshly repaired stucco in, and rain and harsh weather conditions out. Contact Madani Group today to get started!